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I've been thinking for awhile of putting all my serious meta together in some easily accessible place, since I get asked for particular links often enough, and I've posted enough that it's inconvenient to search my meta tag. It's very much a work in progress right now, but I tried to include the ones that people most often ask me about, use the most recent links, and add a brief description for each, as my titles tend to the unhelpful.

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aka "I've been writing Faramir fic again." Actually, the idea was to write dark!Faramir, but it's more like "slightly less restrained Faramir."

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Elizabeth's grand theory of Faramirs

This isn't nearly a decade late or anything! It basically consists of a good portion of my posts at Emyn Arnen and Men of Gondor, sadly inaccessible though they are. So, for anyone who might not know (somehow): I do not like Faramir in the movies, and this is mostly an exploration of their differences from that perspective. I tried to avoid bashing, but eh. It’s also really long, much longer than I originally expected. You can watch/listen to the whole thing here.

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Celebrimbor and Maglor fic

Thanks to a depressing conversation on Tumblr, I wanted a fic about them interacting. So I wrote one.

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Basically, it's a compressed, talky version of the stuff that I was thinking through with my Lothíriel fic all those years ago. This isn't that, I just got to thinking about it when I came across a random reference, and considering where my Lothíriel might have gotten all those seditious ideas from. :)

title: princes of the city
fanverse: canon, more or less

The Lady Ivriniel did not like the King. She did not pretend otherwise—to anything but grudging acknowledgment of his accomplishments, and would have considered it a deplorable weakness of character to let anyone think she approved of this upstart from the North. She only just refrained from muttering usurper under her breath every time his names were mentioned, and that—her kin suspected—sprang more from consideration for her sister-son than actual civility.

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 Hey, everyone. I've kind of fallen back into Tolkien fandom (!) on Tumblr, which is making me ridiculously happy--I'm trying to kind of maintain a, idk, presence in all my fandoms rather than swerving from one to the other as I've always done, so that I don't completely drift away AND I manage to have a life and all, but still. It's been really fun and everyone's super nice so far (I got an intimidatingly nice ask from a BNF I follow o_O). I've posted some new and mostly old thoughts, and I started a Silmarillion liveblog thing with [personal profile] wyncatastrophe, which is a blast even if I choose fairly random things to focus on. 

I also had a weird but very tempting plotbunny for a sort of alternate version of the Southampton plot in post-ROTK Gondor--shortly before Aragorn heads off on one of his wars (with Faramir as the Earl of March). Political shenanigans! I wrote four whole sentences:

The King did not owe his throne to the Steward. His victories in war, the alliances he had carefully forged, the healing of the wounded—most prominently, Lord Faramir himself—these, as much as the long-rejected claim of the heirs of Isildur, had made him High King. Still, Faramir’s graceful surrender of power had done a great deal to smooth Aragorn’s path. Had he been less accommodating, or had the Lord Denethor survived, Aragorn might still have his throne, but he would have sat upon it far more uneasily. 

Anyway. I was, as I recall, one of the younger people in the fandom when I was really active in it--I was randomly looking at an old fic and I wrote it nine years ago?? It's a cliché, but where did the time go? Now I'm getting reblogged by people who were born when I was in high school. 

my response to that female characters post

Obviously, sexism influences fans and fannish practices, but I think it’s ridiculously disingenuous to suggest that internalized misogyny is the only force at work. I don’t always want to brace myself for my entertainment; it’s common to say, “[x] is my life, of course it comes with me” - I’ve said it myself, and it’s true to some extent, but sometimes I do want to just set it aside and not feel like I have firecrackers going off in my brain for a few hours.

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Another thing I've been meaning to do for [community profile] month_of_meta . though it's a bit less structured than I planned!

Off-Tumblr, the question I probably get asked the most often is “have you seen the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? What did you think?”

I think it’s okay. During the first half, when I liked it the most, I can’t help but notice that something I seemed to be saying quite a bit was “I really like xyz, Elizabeth’s a bit off but she always is, and these other things are so great.” Towards the end, I found myself saying, “I don’t like xyz AT ALL and Lizzie is really starting to bother me now.”

But really, it wasn’t Lizzie-as-Lizzie that bothered me. It was Lizzie-as-Elizabeth, and without getting into too much detail, it’s the same thing that bothers me about how Elizabeth is often adapted, whether in fic or adaptations or lit-crit. When Elizabeth is just another figure in the line of feisty heroines, largely or entirely undistinguished from the others, her anger and defiance become the cornerstones of her character; often they become her entire character.

And the thing is, Elizabeth’s anger - when she feels it - is very real. And her defiance of various other people, most of whom have either institutional power or personal power over her, is real. But those things are only a small part of her inner life. Here are some others that seem to get overlooked.

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tips for period Austenfic

I didn't sign up for [community profile] month_of_meta , but I did want to do something, preferably several somethings, as they occurred to me. A lot of this is probably familiar to my f-list (I originally did it on Tumblr), but I think it's worth repeating a few dozen times :)

disclaimer: it doesn’t mean your fic is terrible badwrong if you don’t do these things or that nobody likes it or that your fic is even not good or that I am a perfect Georgian-period Austen fanwriter who has followed this to the letter from seventeen onwards, it’s just stuff that makes me (and most of my friends, but don’t worry, I’m not a BNF), more likely to read. Also, I tried to list things that are helpful for fic based on any of the novels, but the examples are from P&P since that’s like 95% of the fandom.

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anti-ship fic

[personal profile] wyncatastrophe  prompted me to write a fic about one of my anti-ships, and I don't think I anti-ship much more fervently than this one - inspired by a recent debate I peripherally participated in, but I've always hated this ship:

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