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Luke and Leia picspam

I recently discussed Luke and Leia in regard to the fangirlblog essay I had so very many feelings about, and used the video as an excuse to make a Luke-and-Leia slideshow, because I love them - so I stuffed all my pictures/groups of pictures focused on Luke and Leia into the video, whether appropriate or not. (In the event, they were often ludicrously inappropriate.) Anyway, I'm not sure how many are new, but I meant to post them in a proper picspam with proper attribution when I had some time - which I don't, but I'm posting anyway.

As in the original post, warning for the Skywalker twins' 30+ year old, retroactive, still infamous not-quite-incest. But hey, none of that is from fanart, just stuff that was actually filmed for the movies. (...I don't know if that makes it better or worse, honestly, but it is part of the whole Luke and Leia thing, so yes, there are pictures of their totally platonic kisses.)

A poster for ANH, putting Luke and Leia in the forefront - as they ought to be, for ANH.

(I'm pretty sure Carrie Fisher joked once that people who saw this poster went in expecting to see Debbie Reynolds' daughter in that dress, and instead got Carrie Fisher-for-real swathed in white from head to toe. Luke looks as much like Luke as is possible for any static picture to resemble Mark Hamill, though.)

Hey, everyone looks like themselves here - and Luke and Leia are quite easy to buy as siblings. And not only because of their apparent dedication to coordinating their wardrobes.

I'd summarize this as "the one where Luke and Leia shoot stuff," only that wouldn't actually narrow it down.

(Also, Luke looks about twelve.)

Yet another poster, this by asami-you at deviantart. I rather like the style, and how it maintains the characters' features -- and puts Luke and Leia in front. While I'm not sure it's narratively justified beyond ANH, it's certainly the proper order of things as far as I'm concerned.

I found this on tumblr, so I have no idea who made it, but I think it's awesome. Luke and Leia look pretty much nothing like themselves beyond basic fashion, but still ... Skywalker coat of arms! Crossed lightsaber handles! And it was actually titled "our dad can beat up your dad." Which is - hard to argue with.

the infant Leia and Luke Skywalker. Coordinated from the cradle - their baby blankets match, too!

Luke and Leia, together for the first time in ~18 years. First actions: shooting the hell out of stormtroopers, swinging across a bottomless abyss, and screaming at Han in perfect unison.

Leia using her blaster to say, "hey, Luke, look up there!"

Luke and Leia chilling before swinging across Bottomless Abyss #1.

...Leia/Carrie Fisher looks weirdly like Carrie Fisher does now. And Luke's jaw is like whoa.

Angst? What angst?

Leia (who always knew) looks deeply and intensely into Luke's eyes. Luke doesn't know, but he looks super uncomfortable anyway.

Luke and Leia swinging, by valval. Luke seems to have lost his shoes and is freaking out. Leia seems mildly alarmed.

Leia comforts Luke when his mentor of (at most) a few weeks dies, while her planet was recently blown to bits. Because among their many other abilities, the Skywalker twins manage to make compassion hardcore.

He must find his own way, young grasshopper.

Victory hugs!

Luke and (fuzzily) Leia at the award ceremony.

Leia putting Luke's medal around his neck. She's not a prize, she gives them!

Luke bowing to her.

Luke and Leia's expressions match as well as their clothes, here. Most awkward family portrait ever.

(Found it on tumblr. Of course.)

Matching paintings (?) of Leia, from ANH, and Luke, from ESB.

Their compassion comes to a very abrupt end when they get attacked. That's when they start trying to blow people's brains out. (They're massively Force-sensitive; they usually succeed.)

Leia and Luke's horrified faces.

Like this would seriously ever happen.

Luke and Leia in Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Not canon, but shiny.

Almost as shiny as the official cover. Oh, hi, Dad!

And in the Marvel comic, Leia kisses Luke for luck.


I tried just to include Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill as Luke and Leia (whether onscreen or off), but this one is too adorable to exclude.

Luke and Leia across the trilogy.

Leia examining Luke's injuries in a deleted scene, leading to Luke giving a fumbling explanation of how he cares a lot for her, leading to Leia obliviously reciprocating his confession, leading to...


Leia kissing Luke, who seems taken aback by the whole thing, while Han looms disapprovingly.

Luke carrying Leia in the Hoth base, because of reasons.


For some reason I don't find it remotely difficult to believe that this Luke and Leia are siblings. (This picture pretty much singlehandedly converted me to the "surprise siblings don't suck in every way" school of thought, by sheer force of adorableness.)

Leia and Luke cuddling. And hey, this one has the official stamp of officialness!


Leia and Luke (thankfully) get distracted by something.

...but clearly not enough.

aaaaaand here they are again, getting distracted, yay.

then this happened.

(Somewhere in the cut scenes, obviously. Guys, I love you, but ... it isn't going to work out.)

They have twin telepathy too.

Failure hugs!

(They hug a lot, okay?)

Leia and Luke, escaping from Bespin, while their father telepathically speaks to Luke.

They're kind of outrageously pretty here.

In colour!

Leia, yet again visiting Luke in the hospital.

Leia and Luke smile at each other at the end of ESB

Luke and Leia on the not-at-all-significantly-named Redemption.

Leia and Luke in ESB. You know, that thing I said about how they don't take well to being attacked? It goes double when you attack the other one.

Leia and Luke smiling at each other again.

Oh look, they match again.

Leia and Luke confronting their father, surrounded by stormtroopers and not giving a shit.

u mad?

(Again, their fashion choices seem to spring from their shared brain.)

Luke explaining that he'll explain later.

Leia and Luke as Jedi, after ROTJ. <3

The reveal, v. 2.0.

Luke and Leia in ANH

Luke and Leia adorably beaming at each other.

Luke and Leia in ESB

Luke and Leia in ROTJ


Okay? If by "more powerful" you mean "will turn to the Dark Side in two seconds flat," anyway.

Also, rather odd choice of photos to represent them by. The only connecting thing I can think of is that they both choke people to death in those outfits.

Speaking of turning to the Dark Side - Anakin, Leia, and Luke as Sith Lords, clearly about to crush all resistance. (A part of me would love to see this happen. Extra points if it's creepy, but still less bad than Palpatine.)

(The first is by motetus on lj, the second by Travis Charest.)

Leia and Luke, in every movie they appear in.



Stephen Colbert explains non-coordination.

ahahahahahahahahaha ilu forever this is the most perfect thing crossover now plz

Leia and Luke by the brothers Hildebrandt.


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Feb. 15th, 2012 10:26 pm (UTC)
Great picspam. :) (Especially the DAILY SHOW/COLBERT REPORT thing. Seriously priceless. XD) *Sighs* Definitely a good antidote to a crap day ( let's say that the TGWTG fandom is losing its goddamn mind... ).
Feb. 15th, 2012 11:03 pm (UTC)
thank you!

Heh, Colbert was totally priceless there. Not that his civil education on super Pacs hasn't been priceless all along, but-

Ack, it seems like most of your days are crappy - I'm sorry! TGWTG? I only watch a handful of videos (Critic, Chick, Music Movies regularly, a few others off and on); was there something controversial?
Feb. 15th, 2012 11:19 pm (UTC)
Trigger Warning For Discussion of Rape/Sexual Assault
You're welcome. :) And love the icon. :)

Heh, Colbert was totally priceless there. Not that his civil education on super Pacs hasn't been priceless all along, but-

Colbert's just priceless in general. :3

And yeah...*sighs* I just want a day that goes smoothly, really. Especially considering today was really tiring. It didn't help that I got home to something that happened on the TGWTG Secrets Tumblr. Basically, someone posted a concern about someone on the site being a sexual predator, and things got really out of control really fast, not helped by the guy owning the Tumblr contributing to it via alternately White Knighting and calling the person who originally posted the thing a troll. It just sucked for...pretty much everyone, all around.

Feb. 15th, 2012 11:34 pm (UTC)
Re: Trigger Warning For Discussion of Rape/Sexual Assault
Oh, tumblr. That's - yeah, awful. Sorry about that. :(
Feb. 15th, 2012 11:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Trigger Warning For Discussion of Rape/Sexual Assault
Thanks. *Huggles* And yeah, Tumblr can be...nuts, I swear.

Edited at 2012-02-15 11:40 pm (UTC)
Feb. 3rd, 2015 01:43 pm (UTC)
I don't know if you check LJ comments anymore, but just wanted to say how happy I am to have stumbled across this picspam :D

Been having a lot of Skywalker feels lately and seeing all these pictures - especially the promos and behind-the-scenes shoots - made me so happy :D

Thanks so much for this picspam! <3
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