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 Hey, everyone. I've kind of fallen back into Tolkien fandom (!) on Tumblr, which is making me ridiculously happy--I'm trying to kind of maintain a, idk, presence in all my fandoms rather than swerving from one to the other as I've always done, so that I don't completely drift away AND I manage to have a life and all, but still. It's been really fun and everyone's super nice so far (I got an intimidatingly nice ask from a BNF I follow o_O). I've posted some new and mostly old thoughts, and I started a Silmarillion liveblog thing with [personal profile] wyncatastrophe, which is a blast even if I choose fairly random things to focus on. 

I also had a weird but very tempting plotbunny for a sort of alternate version of the Southampton plot in post-ROTK Gondor--shortly before Aragorn heads off on one of his wars (with Faramir as the Earl of March). Political shenanigans! I wrote four whole sentences:

The King did not owe his throne to the Steward. His victories in war, the alliances he had carefully forged, the healing of the wounded—most prominently, Lord Faramir himself—these, as much as the long-rejected claim of the heirs of Isildur, had made him High King. Still, Faramir’s graceful surrender of power had done a great deal to smooth Aragorn’s path. Had he been less accommodating, or had the Lord Denethor survived, Aragorn might still have his throne, but he would have sat upon it far more uneasily. 

Anyway. I was, as I recall, one of the younger people in the fandom when I was really active in it--I was randomly looking at an old fic and I wrote it nine years ago?? It's a cliché, but where did the time go? Now I'm getting reblogged by people who were born when I was in high school. 


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