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Days 7 & 8

I'm on vacation!  Freedom, finally -- which mostly seems to involve babysitting my nephew Luke, but it's still good.  And Luke is a tiny golden-haired mass of adorableness, anyway, as long as he's not left alone for a single moment.

Also, my mother and I celebrated my liberty by watching Eclipse.  I'd already read it, so I fully expected lulz, but it was even better than I'd hoped.  Even Mother, who is significantly more positive about the whole Twilight thing than I am, snickered through about half.  Also, she apparently had blocked Breaking Dawn from her memory, so she made me tell her what happened in it.  Everything that happened.  I might have enjoyed that more than I should.  ("So the death baby breaks her ribs and she guzzles blood from a sippy-cup -" "What?")

So!  Next day memeing:

Day 7:  Who is a female character that needs more screen time?

Uh, wow. 

Apart from Bones and Castle, I'm not really watching anything.  And I'm pretty cool with the screen time that all my favourite female characters get there.  So I think I'll have to creatively interpret this one, and go with female characters who needed more screen time, but (sadly) aren't likely to get it.

The first to come to mind is Padmé Amidala from the Star Wars prequels -- I really wanted to like her, and would have loved to see some part of her life that wasn't defined by her (1) her job, (2) her lover, or (3) both, but ... meh.  Then there's Lily Evans from the Harry Potter books, who seems awesome from the tiny bits we see of her -- but given that the series begins with her death, frankly we're lucky to get what we do.  So I can't say she really needed more, though I'd have liked to get it.  The movies gave her rather short shrift, but still, eh.  I'd like more of Luna, too, but she does okay for a side character. Ginny would have benefited from more screentime earlier, but again, it's not necessary.

I think I'll go for a slightly bizarre choice, and say Jane Bennet.  Yes, from Pride and Prejudice.  From the book, because the movies don't have everything that's in the book, and then make up other things and it's ... right.  Okay.

It's probably pushing things to say that Jane needed more screen time than she got.  Pride and Prejudice is not about Jane Bennet; she has a purpose and she serves it perfectly well.  This is more of a ... personal thing.

I like Jane, in much the same way that I like Cinderella and Aurora.  She's basically an old-school Disney princess -- sweet, mild, compassionate to everyone, whether they deserve it or not, and the fairest of them all.  Only she's better, because she's also firm and strong.  So of course there's not much of a character arc there.  She largely exists as a foil for her more dynamic sister Elizabeth; she provides someone for her to argue with, who we can't dismiss out of hand (well, who we shouldn't), and her romance with Bingley throws Elizabeth together with Darcy and ultimately fuels her resentment of him. 

In fact, I don't think it exists for any other reason.  The films usually give Jane and Bingley some adorkable conversations to set them off, but the novel doesn't provide any.  We just have to take the romance on faith -- and it's peripheral enough that we do.  Mostly.  However, we're told that they're really in love, and that Darcy was very very wrong to think it couldn't be that big a deal after just a few weeks because -- because, but honestly, I've always felt that he sort of had a point.  And I couldn't care less if Jane gets married at the end.  She's admirable and deserves respect and happiness and all that, but ... meh.  

So, while she suits her part enough that I'm not sure she needs more screentime, I think she'd benefit by it.  At the very least it'd be easier to get indignant on her behalf if she appeared enough that I cared what happened to her at all.

Day 8: Who is your favourite female character in a comedy show?

The closest thing to a comedy show I remember watching is Looney Toons, and while I remember that the pink bunny was a girl, I don't remember anything about her.  Um.  Does Bewitched count?  I liked Samantha.  

Ish.  More than Jeannie, at any rate.  I think I probably liked Elnora better than either of them, for much the same reason that I like Sue Sylvester:  the lulz.

Ack.  I don't really watch comedy and I can't think of any female characters I particularly liked even when I did.  I didn't dislike them, it's just that none of them stands out in my memory.  I fail at this one.


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Mar. 23rd, 2011 05:01 am (UTC)
I want to write an AU of Bewitched in witch Samantha doesn't have magic powers. She has a PhD.

Darrin wants her to keep her smarts under wraps so no one will find out they're not normal. Endora wants her to fulfill the potential of her bohemian/intellectual/beatnik background. Samantha often uses her powers but hides them from Darrin in a series of crazy shenanigans. Darrin tells her he loves who she really is, without all that extra mumbo-jumbo. Samantha tells him he's a twat. And then in the end agrees to be his suburban slave and pretend to be a helpless bimbo anyway.

This is starting to sound less and less like an AU.
Mar. 28th, 2011 07:13 pm (UTC)
That could be awesome, really. She could be a psychologist or an engineer or ... lol, a sekrit writer/linguist or something, and she covertly cleans up his reports and does ... stuff. The subjunctive for great justice!

I think half the fun of something like that would be the not-very-AU AU-ness of it all. Keeping it on the railroad is how you see the AU! And Elnora Endora (ack, I totally misremembered that) as a beatnik professor would be hilarious.
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