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memes (2)

Carrying on in the hour or so I have before writing class...hm, I should probably work on my story for that class too, instead of just coming up with linguistic rules.

Star Wars meme

Day 2: Post a picture of your favourite character.

So many to choose from - pictures, I mean, though also characters (but I don't love anyone except Anakin and Leia anywhere near so much as Luke, so it's not much of a contest). Here's one I've only posted once, that I think captures his defining qualities:

In context, that's restlessness, grief/hatred, and fascination with his father. <3

Asexuality meme

(2) Are you out? To whom?

More or less. To my parents, yes, though I suspect they think of it as a stage or some such. Apparently my mother's mentioned it to her parents and siblings in passing, so I guess they know? But I think they also assume I'm straight, at the same time. To my best friend, though he doesn't believe it, because we made out once. To the Internet, of course. And in public too, because of the presentations (most public outing ever, y/y?). And I mentioned it my feminist psychology journal entries, so I guess to Dr Weiss.

Fanfic meme

(2) Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in the fandom, and if you still write in it.



Around sixty-five stories. Pride and Prejudice - around sixty, Mansfield Park - seven, Sense and Sensibility - one, and only as a crossover P&P sequel, Emma - one, also a crossover, Lady Susan - one, ditto, Northanger Abbey, two, ditto, Persuasion, three, ditto.

-- I still write in it, though not as much as I used to. There are eight longer (multi-chapter) stories and I think four of them finished (Season of Courtship [2006], The Rich Are Always Respectable [2006], Contradictions and Varieties [2008], and First Impressions [2010]).


Twelve stories of varying lengths, either (1) one-shots, or (2) incomplete. Eleven are for Lord of the Rings, two of those also for The Silmarillion, and a third for The Silmarillion alone.

-- I haven't written in it for years, though I keep meaning to go back. Maybe when Mark reads Lord of the Rings.

Star Wars

Seventeen stories, ten of them over 400 words, and thirteen for the OT.

-- ahahahahahaha yes, I'm writing in it. As we speak.

Harry Potter

Seven stories, two of which are crossovers.

-- Not lately, but it's always been sporadic; I write in it as much now as I ever have, I think.


Three stories.

-- I only ever wrote the three, all at about the same time. I don't really write in it now, or even read much. Just the occasional story where Susan was not excluded from Narnia for wearing nylons and lipstick, but for not giving a shit about anything else, and is still treated fairly.


One, and that a P&P crossover drabble.

-- LOL no, I don't write anything. Read it sometimes, though!


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