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memes (6)

My dog can't triangulate.

Well, my mother's dog. But she's twelve and heavy and her bones and heart are troubling her, so she mostly likes to just sleep on my fuzzy rugs. And she's twelve now, and apparently her hearing is going wrong, or something. When we call her, she can't seem to tell what direction the sound is coming from - or what direction any sound's coming from, really. She can't turn around easily, but she has to do it all the time now. :(

Star Wars meme

(6) Since when are you a Star Wars fanatic? How did you become one?

Since about 2002. My best friend was a huge fan growing up, but I'd only seen bits of The Phantom Menace when I was thirteen (which I thought was boring) and bits of A New Hope not much later (which I thought was terrifying omg the compactor). So I didn't really know anything except that Vader was Luke's father, Luke and Leia were siblings, Leia wore a metal bikini at some point, and everyone hated the prequels but they made lots of money anyway. So, the aforementioned best friend finally insisting on my watching all the movies (this meant the original trilogy for him) on our VCR, which meant he could use his original edition VHS copies from ... when we were born, or something.

So we had a marathon. A New Hope wasn't as scary as I remembered, just fun, so I was onboard with watching the next one. And Empire was ... idek. None of the words I think of really do justice to what it was like. I was completely absorbed and swept away and overwhelmed and fascinated and basically everything was wonderful and nothing hurt except everything hurt and that was part of what made it wonderful and OMFG LUKE AND ANAKIN SKYWALKER MY LOVE IS ETERNAL. By that point I insisted on watching the next immediately and it wasn't quite on the leve of Empire but it was A;A;KFDJ;KSAD;KDA;DAL;FDA;JFAK and god skywalkers. ;_;

Yeah. I loved it passionately from then onwards, but I didn't really get involved in any fannish way since I ... wasn't in fandom then. It was only after years of participating in Austen and Middle-earth fandoms (more Austen) and lurking in HP and others that I thought of poking around Star Wars fandom (though I was sure it was out there, which it was). I finally had some breathing time after I wrote First Impressions early last year, and decided to go for something that was brain-candier than Austen but just as engrossing for me, and Star Wars immediately sprang to mind. And - yeah, I've been here ever since.

Asexuality meme

(6) Have you faced oppression because of your asexuality, whether institutional or societal?

I'm now somewhat unclear what counts as oppression, and for whom. It's been preached against from the pulpit. I've been thoroughly identity-policed, because when you're asexual, it's sexual people who have the right to define your identity - just about every non-asexual who knows about my orientation has responded with "oh, you're not really asexual, you're just [X]." It's persistently used as a marker of inhumanity in popular culture. It's been considered a symptom of my various medical problems and therefore something that should be medically treated - until I discovered the asexuality community, I didn't know myself that there was anything wrong with that, just that I felt awful. ("Awful" does not mean "mildly displeased," by the way; look at yesterday's entry for further detail, if you need it.)

Personally? I think so. I think being told that living my orientation is a sin is oppressive, erasure is oppressive, institutionalized pathologizing of my orientation is oppressive.

Fanfic meme

(6) When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?

I don't know, really. More of my favourite characters are male, but I think I write female ones as often. No preference? Oh wait, no. I know what it is! I prefer to write female (genderswapped) versions of male characters. So a bit from column A, a bit from column B. :P


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Jul. 23rd, 2011 01:16 am (UTC)
Poor dog. :(
Jul. 23rd, 2011 01:57 am (UTC)
Thank you! She's a retriever, so she keeps trying to fetch even though she can't find things and can hardly move, and it's just ... gah. But she seems happy in a weird way. *does not understand dogs*
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